Meguru Hoshihara
Meguru Hoshihara
Name Meguru Hoshihara
星原 めぐる
Hoshihara Meguru
Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Meguru Hoshihara (星原 めぐる, Hoshihara Meguru) is a childhood friend of Maho Shirafune and a fellow-participant in the Space Academy.


Meguru has peach coloured skin and supports a brown short cut hair style. She has green eyes. She has a short petite figure. In colour pages she normally has a blush.

At school she typically wears the school uniform with a white collar shirt with a tie at the front, short skirt and long black knee high socks.


As Maho's childhood friend she is always looking out for him in best interest. In most cases if he does something wrong she will scold him or will sigh in exhaustion.

She is very confindent in school work and tests, usually filling up with positive energy and attitude before an exam. But when people look down due to her naive personality e.g when she didn't know who grey-kun was. she gets into a rage and has a deep desire to prove them wrong.






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