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ST&RS Logo
Kanji スターズ
Romanji Sutāzu
Genre Sci-fi, Action
Written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi
Illustrated by Masaru Miyokawa
Published by Shueisha
Original Run June 2011 - April 2012
Volumes 5 (Chapters)

ST&RS-スターズ- is a Japanese manga written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Masaru Miyokawa that has been published in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from June 2011 to April 2012.


ST&RS official wallpaper

The ST&RS official wallpaper

A message from outer space from an alien life form stating a message: let's meet on mars July 7th, 2035. After that, the United Nations disbanded and a new federation called ST&RS was formed to accomplish the goal of going to Mars! 15 year old Maho Shirafune is following his dream- to become an astronaut and make it there, that day, to Mars! Can Maho and his friends overcome the many obstacles that stand in their way?! Get ready for a mystical journey to outer space!!


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