Scales of the Heart
Chapter 010
Japanese Title 心の天秤
Kokoro no tenbin
Volume 2
Chapter 10
Pages 21
Release Date September 12, 2011
WSJ Issue 40, 2011
Previous Chapter Chapter 9
Next Chapter Chapter 11
Amachi's Universe

Scales of the Heart (心の天秤, Kokoro no tenbin) is chapter 10 of the ST&RS manga.


Maho, Meguru and Amachi have devised their plan to share the remaining oxygen among the four tanks. Sōta, pressured by Haitani, Kuga to arrive first, as well as his family back home to succeed, abandons everyone and runs ahead. Eventually, he regrets his mistake of betraying his new friends and tries to head back, but realizes his tanks are almost out of oxygen. Although losing all hope of becoming an astronaut, Sōta refuses an offer to resign. A coordinator recommends to Fifie to force him to resign, but Fifie stops him. Sure enough, after a little while longer, he is rescued by Meguru and Amachi and taken to the next rest area. Amachi reveals that both Sōta and his own oxygen tanks were in fact marked to be given less than sufficient oxygen. He also reveals that the lacustrine grass they were to gather can apparently photosynthesize rapidly, and that Maho is off to collect it. After a long wait in the rest area, Maho returns with more than enough grass for everyone to move forward safely.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Maho Shirafune
  2. Meguru Hoshihara
  3. Sōta Tsuchigami
  4. Wataru Amachi
  5. Kuga (flashback)
  6. Haitani (flashback)
  7. Fifie Collins
  8. Sanjay Readman (flashback)
  9. Noboru Amachi (flashback)


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